12 Lessons of Leadership

As I promised on my video I have attached a copy of the Wooden Pyramid of  Success. John Wooden started building his Pyramid of Success in 1934. He spent 14 years and hundreds of hours creating it. In his book, Wooden: A Lifetime Of Observations And Reflections On And Off The Court, John discusses how he built his Pyramid of Success. For my review of the book go to this link.

The two cornerstones are Industriousness and Enthusiasm. The remaining foundation includes Friendship, Loyalty and Cooperation.
The peak of the pyramid is Competitive Greatness. All 14 blocks are necessary for Competitive Greatness.
The mortar at the top are Patience and Faith. These two essential qualities hold the all the blocks in place.
The Apex is Success. This represents the culmination of all the virtues and qualities working together in the pyramid.
Success is not perfection, but it is the goal. Success is about giving 100% of your effort, mind, body, and soul, to struggle. When you attain this you have achieved success.
A great coach will bring the team members to achieve at their highest level. The challenge is getting all team members to achieve at their highest level of performance as a group.

Be Great!


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