7 Powerful Ways to Express Your Gratitude to Others

Who are you grateful in your life? Make a list. Here is a sample list of those you might be grateful: Your spouse, significant other, people you work with, a mentor, friends, Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, parents, relatives, neighbors, children, and God. Why are you grateful for them?

Here are 7 ways to express your gratitude towards those on your list:

  1. Handwritten Note or Letter  Send a handwritten note or letter to someone. Tell them why you are grateful for them. Handwritten notes and letters have started to go by the wayside with the advent of the computer. One thing I have noticed is that people keep handwritten notes and letters. If you ever go to your grandparents’ homes you will find they save letters and notes. People usually delete electronic notes.
  2.  Mail a Greeting Card  Send a card to let them know that you are thinking of them and are grateful for your friendship, love, something they have done for you, etc. There is just something about getting something snail mail these days.  We are used to getting a bunch of junk mail. The person you send this to will enjoy getting something different in the mail and you will probably make their day.
  3.  Text or Email  Sometimes just a quick text or email to someone saying you were thinking about them and are thankful for them is a great way to express your gratefulness.
  4. Make a Video or send a picture   Today it is so easy to shoot a quick video on your phone and send it or shoot a quick picture or find a picture of a time you were together. Send the video or picture with a note of your gratitude for them.
  5.  Post on Social Media  Post a quick message letting them know you are grateful for something they did for you or for them being in your lives on their timeline or messenger.
  6. Record an audio message or voicemail  This is easy to do today with a variety of apps. Record a quick gratitude message and send it to them.
  7. Send Flowers   There used to be a commercial that said: “say it with flowers”. Flowers tend to brighten up a room and make a person’s day.

Bonus  Pray for them. Say a prayer of gratitude for them being in your life.

Did you know that Thanksgiving means the expression of gratitude, especially to God?

Challenge: At your next family dinner go around the table having everyone tell what they are especially thankful for this year and why. Even the little kids can play this game. It is a lot of fun.

For information on An Attitude of Gratitude catch my The Coach Jeff Garrett Show podcast at www.theascentperformancegroup.com or on iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play.

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