When my CEO asked me to started working with Jeff Garrett at The Ascent Performance Group, I thought to myself, “I don’t need a coach! What is he going to do to help me?!?” The question I ask myself now is, “Where would I be if I had started working with Jeff sooner? Maybe I’d be a CEO by now!!” Jeff has a measured approach and an incredible ability to ask the right question to reveal the work I needed to focus on to improve my performance that I wasn’t going to realize by merely being self-reflective. He has been a steady influence to hold me accountable and work with me on areas of improvement to make me more efficient, more focused, more empathetic, and a better leader to my team. I feel more empowered and confident to consider taking the next step in my career when that CEO opportunity comes along.

Ben Wickum CFO

If you are looking for an excellent coach to challenge you to become your best self, I recommend Jeff Garrett. Working with Jeff has really made a difference in my life.

Jack Emkes

“I have known Jeff for over 20 years, he has always been a friend that has a deep personal interest who truly cares about others and their long term development. He is a coach who can live up to the task of helping his clients reach their full potential and accomplish their business and life goals. Over the years and many coffee meetings I have learned a tremendous amount from Jeff about being a better business person and living a more meaningful and fulfilled life. I am grateful for Jeff Garrett!”

Van Deeb, Founder Deeb Realty/ Motivational, Inspirational Speaker/Author

“I have worked with Jeff Garrett nearly 30 years.  In this time, I have known Jeff to be a leader in the mortgage industry providing coaching to many who have moved on to their own successful careers as a result of the leadership Jeff provided.  His organizational skills are an inspiration to any industry, any small or large business and anyone seeking a better way to conduct business.  If you are in search of getting to the next level in your industry, Jeff can be an arrow in your quiver that will provide counsel and direction well worth the investment. “

Gary Nachman, Regional Vice President Gateway Mortgage Group

“I have known Jeff for years and have had the pleasure of working with him on multiple occasions. Jeff is not only a very knowledgeable individual within the financial services and mortgage industry but a highly effective leader and manager of top talent. Jeff has the ability to identify and attract top talent and mold them into a cohesive team that can achieve and…more”

Jerry Bergman, Mortgage Banking Coach, Trainer, Recruiter

“Executive Leadership skills leading a diverse team through challenging times while maintaining a positive work environment. Teams led by Mr. Garrett have always performed within the top tier of the organization related to his counterparts within the Region as well as the Division. This is an individual who leads by example and practices what he preaches.”

Ernest Warren, SVP Chief Lending Officer at Credit Union of America

“Jeff Garrett has been a mentor, manager, and coach to me during my real estate finance career. I have found my coaching sessions with Jeff to be extremely valuable for a number of reasons. The advice and direction he has given me has fortified what I am hearing internally about the changes I need to make to be great and at my best. Jeff has the ability to understand not just what will make you successful in business in general, but will help you with the culture you are in right now. He makes it easy to be accountable to reaching short-term and long-term goals. I would encourage anyone in business to use him as a business and life coach.”

Nick Liston, Mortgage Loan Originator, Veridian Credit Union

“I have known Jeff Garrett since the early 1990’s and then had the opportunity to work with him in 2016.  Jeff is a great man of faith and character and I have not had someone invest their personal time the way that Jeff did for me.  Work, Life, Balance has always been a struggle for me, as I am a bit of a perfectionist.  Jeff helped me put together goals that stretched from 7 days, to 30 day, to 365 day to what do I want to be remembered for when my time on earth has ended.  “Accountability is key”.

I would encourage anyone that wants to dive deeper into how they can be better as an employee, employer, wife, husband, parent, grandparent to invest in themselves by doing some one on one coaching with Jeff Garrett.  He lives what he teaches and succeeds in his passions.”

Rochelle Eigsti, Mortgage Loan Officer – Charter West Bank


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