Are You Missing this Workout?


We all know we should be working out our bodies. However, there is one workout that many people do not do.

Are you working your brain out? This is key to long term brain health.

Our brains are always changing either for better or for worse throughout our lives. The objective of brain workouts is to positively impact brain plasticity. This type of training leads to improved brain performance.

One of my favorite brain workouts is Lumosity. You can test the program for free. Luminosity also has more testing programs available by subscription. They have individual and family plans. You can play on an iPad, iPhone, android phone or computer.

Luminosity surveys you to determine what areas you want to work on. The exercises can be done on an iPad or computer. After completing a series of tests it enables you to see how you compare to others in your age group and what professions are closest to yours considering your best test scores on certain games. Lumosity has an index that measures speed, memory, attention, flexibility and problem solving.

BrainHQ is another excellent program much like Luminosity. They both have neuroscientists involved in research and development. BrainHQ sets up personalized training programs based on your personal preferences. You can pick on whether you want to excel at work, improve your athletic performance or if you are using the program to help recover from a brain injury.

BrainHQ will also provide you with a report on your progress. The program focuses on attention, memory, brain speed, intelligence, people skills and navigation.

Cognifit is another brain training program. The iPhone app is free. There is a free version of the program at the website that you can use to get started on. The internet based program can be done on your iPad, iPhone or computer. This is a good program to experiment with to determine if you like brain training.

Cognifit measures the skills of visual scanning, focus attention, processing speed, response time and short-term memory. The tests match you up against people in your age category to let you know how you are performing in comparison.

Using any of these programs you will find that the more you practice the better you will get at the games and in the process improve your brain health.

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