Are You Selling or Are You Serving?

Happy Blog Thursday! Today I would like to talk with you all about the topic, Are You Selling or are You Serving? This idea can be used by leaders, managers, or even at home. So what do I mean by this? I’ll ask you the question are you selling or serving. Think about it for a couple of minutes…


What I mean by selling is are you pushing your ideas, are you forcing your employees to do things a certain way, or pushing your ideas on them. Or are you serving your employees? Are you being the leader that that serves from the back of the line? As a great book once stated, the leader who eats last. This is something as leaders that we need to think about. As leaders, we need to think about this. Are we selling our ideas? Are we selling the pieces we’re trying to promote or the vision that we have? Or… Are we using servant leadership? Are we serving our employees? Are we serving our families?

This topic packs a heavy punch, and it is definitely something leaders need to think about daily.

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