Crawl, Walk, Run


Happy Thursday all! Today we are going to talk about a concept called crawl, walk, run.

It’s a very simple concept because as children we learn to walk by crawling first, and we don’t run until we’ve learned to walk. It’s something that can apply to business as well as our personal lives. If you are learning something, it is important to start by crawling, learning slowly. Learning to walk, getting a little quicker at whatever it is we are doing. Then finally running. At this point, we have developed a skill or developed what we tried to learn to the point where we’re natural at it. We have now developed a skill set. This is a concept we remember because many times we get frustrated because we like to run right away without going through the steps crawl, walk, run.

That is our lesson for today. If you have any questions on coaching you can contact me through my email, or through my website. Come back next Thursday for a new blog and remember, Be Great!


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