How to Ask to Receive

This lesson, you have to ask to get, is one that I have been coaching on for years. Some people balk at the ask. You don’t want to cause a problem or draw attention to yourself. But here’s the deal, if you don’t ever ask, you probably won’t ever get.

Let me share an example with you. A few months ago I got a new FitBit. It ended up a few days later with a small scratch, which turned into a small crack, which turned into a large crack. I decided to contact FitBit and ask if there was a return policy or a warranty. They replied by saying that there was no warranty and I would have to pay for the repair. The FitBit cracking was no fault of my own, and I believed that there was something that the company could do. So I asked again, this time for a supervisor. I told him that I was a loyal customer and that I had purchased many other FitBit products. The supervisor got back to me and informed me that the team had decided to give me a one-time exception. They replaced the FitBit free of charge. If I had not asked, I would have been stuck with the broken FitBit and a small discount on a new one. This is a great example of asking as well as not giving up if you are denied the first time.

 Be Great!


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