How to Get Stuff Done

Have you ever had a project that seemed daunting? Accomplishing big things requires breaking the big things in to smaller pieces. If you simplify the project or task it is easier to accomplish.49658488_s

Breaking It Down

1) Define the project

2) Estimate time needed to complete the project

3) Project due date

4) Divide the time required, or size of the project, by the number of days to get your daily required output

5) Develop a project plan

Let’s say for example you want to read 24 books this year. The average nonfiction book is approximately 300 pages long. That would be a total of 7,200 pages. If you were to read every day you would need to read 20 pages per day to read 24 books. 20 pages per day appears a lot easier than reading 24 books. This same idea can be used for many simple projects.

Other projects will require a more in depth process. You may need to go into broader detail and break the project down into sections.

Most larger project plans require the following:

  • Break the project in to tasks
  • Determine materials and resources needed
  • Who is responsible for the task (Can you delegate?)
  • When does each task need to be completed to finish on time

A project checklist or spreadsheet can be very helpful. These are best used for simpler projects. Complex projects may require software programs or apps. There are many great programs available to help you with all your project needs.

Be Great!


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