How to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Marriage


Are you dating your spouse? Has your relationship become routine with you doing your thing and your spouse doing their thing?38106979_l

One way to stay closer is to have a date night every week. This is a special night every week that you go out and do something together or stay home and plan an evening together.

Date nights for many couples are nights are a set night every week.  These are important. They allow the couple to have time together to talk and spend time alone.

Couples should get away at least 3 – 4 times a year. These don’t have to be extravagant. This could be just checking in to a local hotel for the weekend or it may be a staycation. Somebody takes the kids and you just stay at your own place alone for the weekend.

If you have young children sometimes a date night or date weekend can be hard to fit in. Date moments are a perfect solution. Every couple can have date moments as part of their daily routines. Date moments can be 60 seconds to 30 minutes of spending time together.  Date moments help to keep relationships alive and healthy. Here are a few date moment ideas.

Creative Date Moments

  • A passionate kiss when you get home
  • Slow Dance in the kitchen to your wife’s favorite song
  • A quick prayer together
  • Deck or Patio time after the kids go to bed
  • A text or call during the day to see how the day is going and let them know you miss them
  • Fire Pit time
  • A bubble bath
  • Drinking a glass of wine or your favorite beverage together
  • Getting coffee at your favorite coffee shop
  • The time before your kids games or events in the car/truck to talk or listen to music
  • Talk after the kids go to bed without the TV on
  • Take a walk around the block together
  • Feed the kids and then eat dinner alone together
  • Write a note or card to your spouse
  • Intimate time after the kids are in bed

Take time this weekend to plan your date night and set up some date moments.

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