Taking Care of Yourself First

In today’s blog, I want to talk about the leadership lesson ‘Taking Care of Yourself First’. I have a friend who told me a long time ago the saying: ‘speed of the leader speed of the team’. 

I have a friend who told me a long time ago the saying: ‘speed of the leader speed of the team.’ Let’s look at a real life example of today’s lesson. What is the first thing that happens when you’re flying? The flight attendants will start talking about when that oxygen mask comes down. Who do they say to put it on first? You or the person next to you? Well, they say to put it on yourself first. The reason they do this is so that you can get air and then you are able to take care of your spouse, child, or whoever is sitting next to you. This same principle applies when we look at business leadership. Some of the things that leaders have to cautious about are getting enough sleep. Making sure that you get seven, eight, or nine hours of sleep, depending on how much rest you require to function at your best. Exercising at least three to four times a week, just to stay fit and healthy. Eating right is key to feeling energized and productive. Perhaps the most important of all these lessons is learning. If you have been reading my blogs, you know I have talked about this in the past. Reading is an excellent opportunity to learn and share what you have learned with your co-workers and staff. If sitting down to read does not sound appealing to you there are other options. Listening. There are tons of podcasts on the internet, which you can listen to at your convenience. There are books on tape (I’ve mentioned Audible many times as a fantastic resource). These options can be listened to in the car or while you’re exercising. The last area I’m going to mention is taking “Thinking Time”. This is an opportunity to step back and look at your business. By taking care of yourself first you are able to take care of the others around you. Whether that is by sharing what you have learned or acting as an example for your employees to follow. This offers you the chance to be that great leader that you need to be. To learn more about my coaching programs contact me at jgarrett40@theascentperformancegroup.com . Thank you and remember, Be Great!


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