Do You Use The Skybox Effect?

The Skybox Effect
is something that is deeply rooted in business leadership. It is most easily understood through the universal language of football. In football, the team is on the field and perhaps the quarterback is able to see things that the coach or players on the sideline can’t see. Of course all the coaches are not on the sideline or even on the field. Many team leaders and coaches are up in the press box or Skybox area. This gives them a different perspective. They see things that the coaches and players on the field do not see and they can relate them back to the coaches on the field.

Instant replay is also a great example of gaining new perspectives. Sometimes even the rule enforcers, like referees in football, can’t see from their perspective and need the help of an outsider, from up in the Skybox with instant replay. As an executive coach I am looking with a different set of eyes. I can help you to see into the blind spots. Sometimes communication breaks down between the executives in the Skybox and the players on the field. A different perspective is helpful and necessary for many great leaders in sports or business. For more information on executive business coaching, or for more reading material visit my website at Watch the video at

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