Thinking Thursdays

Hello all and welcome to the newest addition to my blog. Today’s topic is on ‘Thinking Thursdays’.

I recently heard an executive VP from Charles Schwab talk about this exact topic. She mentioned that the company takes time off on Thursdays from 1 to 5 PM. The employees at Schwab might go off and work in a different department. They might read or conduct research. The leaders of this company can use this time to think big, think about opportunities, think about things that might improve your department, things that are going well, things that are not going so well (and what one can do to fix it). It is important to take time to think every Thursday. This had a huge impact on their productivity. Of course, it also helps that some great ideas were brought to the company by taking that time to think. Often, we get so busy in our work that we don’t take time to think.

Another concept that I call ‘On-Time’. This is very similar. You take time out of your day to work on our business. So Schwab is taking this idea company-wide and calling it Thinking Thursdays, but On-Time is something that you can do once a week, bi-weekly, or even once a month. This is a great way to take an entire day to sit back and focus on those hard-hitting questions of what is going well, what is not going well, and what can you do to make your business run smoother. This time can be used to read, learn, and simply to get better at what you’re doing. It is important as a leader to take time off, get rid of the blinders that we all get when we work inside our business. We need to look outside the blinders, to see what other businesses are doing well and implement it in your business. Take the ideas that you come up with on those Thinking Thursdays or On-Time and implement them as well. I guarantee that this will have a tremendous impact on your business and will create good ideas and new opportunities for you and your business. One idea that you might have on a Thinking Thursday piece is to send different departments to work other places. For example, sales might into operations, or sales might go into customer service. This helps the employees to gain a different perspective and builds community in the building.

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